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Intro to Levitation Photography

To take a successful levitation photograph there are a couple things you must consider. One; you'll wan to shoot from a low angle, to give the illusion that your subject is high in the air. If you are using props you want to make you are not low enough that some of the person body is hidden behind the props. Two; you have to photograph the empty background with out anything in it, no props no people, this is essential to your photograph. Three; you want to take multiple shots to create a more intriguing image. So if your model seems to be falling take a picture of what her hair would be like a that moment. Also maybe add in some other elements to the shot that are levitated or are the center focus of the photograph besides just the one model. And four; Shoot on a cloudy day so you don't run the risk of having shoots with different exposure levels. 

I like the intensity of the first and third photo and the serenity of the second. I think i my levitation photograph i wou…

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